Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday Dinner, Grilled chicken with wild rice & vegetables

Spinach, Asparagus, Wild Rice, Chicken breast, Baby Courgettes

Some of the ingredients for my dinner tonight, which I have to say was delicious but way too big, the dinner picture I have posted here, I didn't even manage to eat half of that and I was completely full to the brim.

Baby Courgettes (Yum!)

Wild Rice 

(Note: Wild rice needs to cook for up to an hour, so I decided to mix it with ordinary rice and it was done in 25 minutes)

The Finished Dinner

What I used:
2 chicken breast fillets (of which I could only eat one..) - I coated this lightly in soy sauce & teriyaki and grilled them for 4-5 minutes in my George Foreman grill.
1/4 cup of dry rice - boiled in 2 cups of water, boiled 25 mins.
A bowl of 1 handful spinach, broccoli stems, asparagus and baby courgettes, all steamed in the microwave for about 3-4 minutes in very little water.
4-5 plum tomatoes with pepper on.

And voila- healthy and extremely filling, no additives, just fresh loveliness :)

Like I said, I could only manage half of that plate full, all those vegetables filled me up a lot.

I might do a little post on what my boys had for dinner as that was really yummy too and both polished it off in no time.
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  1. That puts my dinner to shame (presentation and healthy wise - although i am having brown rice) - looks gorgeous

    Rachael @

  2. Yum, that looks gorgeous. I am in a real spinach love fest at the moment.