Friday, 17 February 2012

Gym update, measurements revisited 2 weeks on.


I hope you're all keeping well?
 I thought I'd update you a bit since posting two weeks ago; I went full steam ahead at the gym and with my diet, I went to the gym every other day or in fact I had a pretty good week where I actually went 5 times and then last weekend -BAM- hit with the worst bout of illness I've had in years.

You know one of those where every muscle and every joint hurts, your skin hurts and light hurts- yes that! You feel as if you've done a round with Tyson and lost bitterly! Not great and I had to put gym on hold as I couldn't even physically drag myself off the sofa!
Went to the Doctor, got told I had a chest infection and am now on antibiotics.

Anyway my lovelies, I digress..

Today, trying on gym gear but actually there is no way I can go. 
No strength at all for it sadly so I shall sulk with daytime TV and wishing for the day I feel well enough again.

I decided to re-visit my measurements today as it's been two weeks since I did my first lot, and despite not having been able to go I am still dedicated to eating the right food and sticking to 1200 calories per day which I track on my fitness pal which is a fantastic online weight loss and exercise diary- check it out it really is most delightful to use.

This morning the old fashioned measuring tape came out and I have to say I was rather delighted with the results and I shall show you why below:

Measurements on the left are from 2/2/2012
Measurements on the right are taken today 17/2/2012

Right bicep: 27.5cm - Now 27cm = loss 0.5cm
Chest at nipple line: 90cm- Now 89cm = loss 1cm
Waist at belly button: 77cm- Now 74cm = loss 3cm
Hips at bone: 90cm - Now 88cm = loss 2cm
Right thigh: 58cm - Now 54cm = loss 4cm
Right calf: 37cm - now 35cm = loss 2cm

Total loss in cm 12.5 - or 5 inches

Weight: 148lb - Now 144lb = loss 4lb 

The gym appears to be paying off and I am loving it and can't wait to get back there and work up a sweat :)


  1. wow thats a fabulous loss, you look brilliant with it, keep it up xx

  2. AM-A-ZING dedication about sticking to eating well when you're ill. You're right not to exercise, but whenever I'm poorly all I can eat is rubbish, so your will power is so impressive!

    I've used myfitnesspal before as well and I think it's fab. I just need to get my bum in gear and start logging again. Looking for my motivation at the moment!

    Looking forward to more updates :)

    Lauren xx

  3. Wow the total loss is fantastic, well done you to sticking to your diet despite how ill you are!
    I've been reading through your blog this morning and you are such an inspiration. Keep it up! :)