Monday, 6 February 2012

I've joined a gym - here're my measurements & program.

Hey all,

Long time no see. Well that is because I have been a bit of a lazy one of late, but when it got to a point of me not liking to look at myself in the mirror naked, I had to take action and by pure fluke and chance I found a gym that has a creche- so I can put my smallest son in there whilst exercising. Lack of childcare had been my No 1 and only reason for not joining a gym in the last 2 years.
So here we are- I joined 9 days ago and so far have managed to go 5 times, today included.
It does take some organisation skill to organize and remember to book the creche in advance but I want this to work out so much that I have alarms in my phone to remind me to phone up and book slots for little man.

So really my aim is to lose 1 stone, but more importantly than that I just want to look and feel leaner and fitter.

My aim is to go every other day and mainly focus on all round body workouts each time, with the majority of the time and efforts spent on doing weights, with bursts of cadio.
Obviously I am only going to achieve my goal with a healthy diet so this is also changing.

I'll show you what I did today.

I  have got myself a notebook, a measuring tape and a good dose of willpower and have worked so hard in the last week I have really felt every muscle work.

To give you an idea - I have decided to post all my measurements here, and use this is a journal, and feel free to take ideas if you want.. Obviously just make sure you're fit to do so beforehand.

Me right now.
Height: 5"6
Weight: 10st 6
Right bicep: 10.5 inch
Chest at nipple line: 35 inch
Waist at belly button: 30 inch
Hips at bone: 35 inch
Right thigh: 22.8 inch
Right calf: 14.5 inch

My exercise routine for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays is as follow: ( Rep = repetitions)

*Leg press 40kg - 12 repetitions X 3 times

*Shoulder press 7.5 kg 12 rep x 3 (This is very HARD)

*Leg curls 15kg 12 rep x 3

*Upper back 10kg 12 rep x 3

*Low row back 15kg 12 rep x 3

*Chest press 10kg 12 rep x 3 (very hard on last repetition)

*Tricep pull down on cable 20kg 12 rep x 2 (Can't physically do anymore as arms were BURNING)

*Lat pull down 20kg 12 x 3 (hard on 12th rep)

*Back extension 15 kg 12 rep x 3

*Pectoral press 10kg 12 rep x 3 (Very hard in last set could barely do the last 2 reps)

*Dumbbell 3kg lateral raises all done whilst lunging 12rep x 3

*Biceps 3kg dumbbell 12 rep x 3 all done whilst doing squats 

20 minutes on cross trainer -hard- out of breath / sweating. 

On floor ab crunches 12 x 2 

After that I stretch out and leave the gym.

I plan to go every Saturday or Sunday too and mainly on this day have a long stint of cardio, as I can't really do weights on the weekend as that will mean I am doing it straight after a day of weights or the day before weights- so weekend will be cardio, I like using a machine called The Wave, which really gets my heart pumping and sweat pouring.

I can't wait to feel and see the results and more than anything else I am LOVING being back in the gym again - I have missed it way more than I'd realized, it gives me such satisfaction and pleasure setting foot in a gym (saddo, I know)

So YAY- really exited for this new journey- anyone else joined  gym recently?

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