Sunday, 15 May 2011

My weight loss so far- Week 1 of weighing!

Hello lovelies, I hope you've all been good, drinking your water and eating well?

Well, I seem to have found my mojo, I think writing this blog has really helped me to do that as well.

This week has been good for me food wise. I haven't had any cravings for bad food, and I have made sure I have had 2 litres of water everyday, 2-3 cups of herbal tea (caffeine free, otherwise I feel dizzy).

Last week was the first week of me weighing myself-I'd been a bit scared to do so, as I went away over Easter and munched on a few too many Danish meatballs at my parents house, my waistline had definitely gotten bigger by the time I returned. Read I could barely close my jeans.. And whilst I could *just* do the button up, the muffin overspill was rather horrendous!
I wore the same jeans yesterday and I felt so confident - there was no muffin top at the back!

So Anyway  without further ado, I weighed again today, and have lost 

Four lb!

I am rather pleased with that, as it is a good start and gives me motivation to press on for another week.

What I have been eating lots of this week has been:

Matzos (crackers with virtually no calories in- yes they do resemble cardboard, but you sort of get used to them after a while.
Raw radishes, I buy a few packs, wash and trim them and just munch on them as snack- they're so crunchy Nom.
Apples- loads.
Salad with lots in like grapes, olives, celery, mushrooms- I LOVE a good salad and if you grill a chicken breast and cut it into slices and add, it's very filling as well.

So that's me, I feel like a lighter person, so here's to another weight loss week.

Adios my lovelies x


  1. Well done! I've been drinking a lot more water lately and have been eater better than what I had been and lost 2 lbs!

    Well done again! :)

  2. Congrats! That's awesome =D

  3. Well done, thats excellent! I felt very virtous last night - there was a bbq at the club we were at, all my friends got halloumi in flatbread or burgers.... I got a bit of jerk chicken with lettuce and was yummy... my weigh in is tomorrow - I'll let you know how I get on, doubt it will be near the 4lb mark though, that's fantastic! x

  4. Thanks so much! Ohh terry well done to you too, and Alice I hope the scales are your friend tomorrow.. Well done on the chicken and salad, it's SO hard to not give in when in a social situation.
    I gave kids chips one day, and it took ALL I had not to shovel a plateful into my mouth too ;)

  5. Well done thats brilliant in a week xx

  6. well done Stina 4lb is great :)
    Im still doing 2l water a day :)

  7. Well done hon! I need to join you on the being good bench this week! x

  8. Four pounds is so amazing! I only lost two this week, but I'm not gonna complain hehe

  9. Laura that is very good too, did you persevere with Dukan diet?

    Thanks Strawberry Blonde, there's plenty more room on the *be good bench*

    Well done @ Prettyinthe desert that is very good to x x

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  11. Well done on your weightloss! I really should drink more water...

  12. Such great advice: I should try to drink more water. Keep in touch.

  13. I haven't had internet for ages so haven't been able to check twitter for updates but hope you carry on with the blog I love it! xxx