Thursday, 5 May 2011

My current exercise routine~ Strength training~

Hi everyone, and thanks for following this new project.

I wanted to update this with my current exercise routine that I am doing at home. I hope and pray that by beginning of July I can be 1 stone slimmer, and really toned and happy in my skin. As well as feeling better for all the water drinking.

** DISCLAIMER** I would like to mention here that I am a qualified personal trainer and therefore have plenty of knowledge in that field. However- my advice and my blog is about how I do things, and without knowing you and your needs it is very hard, if not impossible for me to help any individually. Take from my blog what you wish- if I can inspire you, then my job here is done.

On Monday & Tuesday I follow the Davina DVD 
Love this DVD, if you're after a home DVD, get this!
A very good all round workout that gets your heart rate going and you feel the sweat. I don't find Davina annoying, which of course helps.

On Wednesday and Friday I follow this book at home. 
This book is all about strength training for women, and how important it is.
I cannot strength train a muscle today and tomorrow. I allow at least 24-36 hours of rest. Lifting weights on consecutive days leads to over training, muscle fatigue, and possible injury. Fact: All of our strength gains are made during the rest time!

I have a set of dumbbells (well 3 sets, from Argos) and I use them so much.
This book is fantastic, I have had it for a few years and find it a brilliant guide to make a weight training programme at home. It literally spells out to you how to do each exercise, how much to do, how often and so on.
On Wednesdays I focus on lower body and core, so I'll make a little programme up, that includes squats, lunges, leg raises, plies and abdominal crunches.
The reason I do strength / weight training is that strength training is absolutely essential if we wish to create visual changes in our bodies, and it's been proven  that the benefits of strength training extend far beyond the visual.

I use my dumbbells like shown in this picture, to make my workout a little bit harder.
Years ago I used to be of the perception that weight lifting was for men, and I didnt' want big muscles- so I never touched weights. Instead I pounded away on the running machines day in and day out. Not overtly effective, but I wasn't aware at the time that women can further benefit from strength training because of the increase in resting metabolism created by strength training. Because of this increase, women who are trying to reduce body fat will do so more easily
When done sufficiently and consistently, strength training increases muscle fiber size. Once muscle fibers enlarge, they consume more energy - which boosts our metabolisms. So effectively this will speed up your weight loss, and you'll see results quicker.

When squatting, I rest 2 dumbbells on my shoulders.

I have a note book in which I have written a programme for myself, using the book as a guide. I put in my note book how many repetitions I am doing and how many sets of X amount of reps. When I've done them, I tick them off and move on to the next exercise.

The benefit of working out at home for me is that A: It is free (apart from the initial outlay for equipment and or DVD) and B: I can watch TV at the same time.. Only joking - I don't watch TV much. Yesterday I used the time I was exercisign to catch up with Sky news. Well what am I if not a multi tasker?

I do straight leg raises, feel that burn in the back of the thigh- ouuuuch!

And bent leg raises, this exercise is very good for firming up that bottom and it burns but in a good way..

 Strength training does not be complex or really time consuming. It can fit easily your day/ evening, since it requires minimal equipment and time. 
Free weights such as dumbbells will all enhance muscular strength and endurance with as little as 20 minutes to one half hour a day. I think most of us can find 30 minutes a day? 
All major muscle groups need to be worked to avoid muscular and postural imbalances. 
It is recommended that you choose a weight or load that produces muscle fatigue somewhere between 8-12 repetitions of an exercise for the upper body, and 12-15 repetitions for the lower body. 

After my weights workout I really ache all over and the next day I feel achey and stiff.. But for me that is a good thing - it makes me feel alive and like I have worked hard.

I hope this has been vaguely helpful or informative?
If you have any questions -  you know where I am (I hope)- just leave me a comment, and I shall reply back in the comments section.

Lots of Love, Stina x


  1. That book looks great - would be really helpful to learn some new exercises!! I am already a big fan of Davina, love The 30 Day Shred workout as well :)

  2. Body Buff by Davina seems great. I recently got her 3 30 minute workout dvd and its fantastic! I wish I could follow a book too. I really need something interactive :(

  3. I really need to start doing exercise again - its been too long and it shows around my middle lol. Davinas dvds are really popular - maybe I should try this one. Great blog by the way :)

  4. Really interesting. I did a body pump class at my gym and couldn't walk for 2 days, still in pain 4 days later. Hopefully it won't be as bad next week

  5. I do the 30 day shred too, well, i'm on day two after a 2 weeks break while the kids have been off school. I intend to get back on it and stick to it though as i could see the results after sticking to it. I love the sound of the book you mention, i think i will invest in it and some more weights. Will keep an eye on your blog too for updates, thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. Stina, what size weights do you use when you use the book? When i do my shred DVD i use two 1kg weights which are fine for some of the arm exercises but when doing legs i feel i can take heavier but i don't want to buy ones that are too heavy and bulk up iykwim!
    Have just ordered the book from Amazon :)
    Jo x

  7. Hey,
    Don't answer this if you feel it's too personal, but what is your typical daily diet? I am trying to lose a lot of weight as I put a lot of weight on since becoming pregnant. I just think it would help to get an idea of what other people eat xx

  8. That book looks great! I think I will order it as I really want to start using weights but I have no idea where to start.

    Lou xx

  9. You've inspired me-am drinking lots more water and awaiting delivery of my book + dumbbells from Amazon!!! :-D