Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Super Healthy Low Fat & Low Carb Dinner - Macros / Calories Included

50g Spinach, 200g Eat Water Slim Noodles, 1 Boiled Egg White

230g River Cobbler Fillets grilled

 Place fish on foil in the oven & grill for 20 mins on 200 degrees (add herbs & lemon)

94g Aubergine & 100g Asparagus grilled in George Foreman grill

Yum Yum 298 calories dinner, the noodles & fish makes it filling, yet a very fresh dinner to have.
The macros counted for this dinner are as follows:
47g Protein
8g Carbs
6g Fat

All the ingredients used and calories they contain (Taken from My Fitness Pal)

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