Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Time to get healthy!

Recently I have fallen into a trap of staying up very late - think 1am - 2am, then getting up at 6.30/7am, and either looking after the boys or going to work.
Then getting through the day on various caffeine infused drinks, and rubbish foods- I tend to eat bad foods if I am tired. And because I am tired everyday, I seem to not be able to drag myself out of this cycle!

It's all very well having all the best cosmetics in the world, that I can apply to the outside, but I need to be able to look after my insides, and my well being too, which is actually far more important- because I have a feeling if I carry on this way, on 5 hours sleep a night, inhaling caffeine to stay awake, and bad foods, well I won't be looking too hot in the very near future.

Already I have seen and felt some rather worrying signs from my body, that indicates things are not right, such as very frequent vertigo, I have several hours of dizzy spells most days, the fact that I can't sleep, I have a nasty rash all over my neck..
Also- other things I am going to do, to look after myself- I shall include here- but basically my aim with this page- is to make myself look and feel healthy inside and out!

2 years ago-just before I fell pregnant with my 2nd son, I was healthy, I worked out regularly, I slept enough, I even had abs to be very proud of.

2 years ago
Hello Flat Tummy- I'm coming to get you again!

I fell pregnant (second time), ate for five (oops), for 9 months, had Baby Noah and lost most of the weight, but have been stuck at least 1 stone heavier than my ideal, for months and months now, as I cannot get out of the rut I am in!

My aim is: 

To lose 1 stone- by eating healthily & sensibly
To always en corporate 2 litres of water into my day- no excuses.
To aim to get 8 hours sleep every night
To exercise at least 4 times a week 
To post a diary on here of my progress

I have this DVD and plan to use it 
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Davina's exercise DVDs are excellent all rounders for getting fit at home, I have her other DVDs and LOVE the variety of exercises on them! Also I like Davina, which really helps.

I am going to get a 2ltr bottle at home and one at work, and make sure that everyday I keep it out on a table, so throughout the course of the day, I will finish it.

I will keep a food diary and post it here, and maybe I can inspire someone?

Every Monday night I shall weigh in and update:)

I plan to post the post in my blog, and link them to this page, so all can easily be found in one place.

My journey starts here- so who's joining me?


  1. Brill idea, I will be joining u. I have most of Davina's workouts too :)

  2. Brilliant idea and I shall be doing the same so it'll be great to see your progress and hear any hints and tips you have! In the pics above your stomach looks much better than davinas so at least you know what you're aiming for is well within your grasp :)